professional granite cutting segment diamond segments for stone cutter disc

Diamond Spare Segments for Granite Block Cutting

We are manufacturer of high quality & long life diamond segment for marble, sandstone, limestone, basalt & granite block cutting. We offer diamond segments for multi cutter, Italian multi disc machine, single disc machine, granite block cutting segment & granite cutting segment manufacturer. The segment is a hybrid diamond cutting tool used for welding on saw blades, diamond grinding discs, and drill bits. According to different cutting purposes,the type of segment has marble segment ,granite segment,limestone segment,quartz segment,sandstone segment and so on, it can also be distinguished according to dimesion, such as big segment and small segment,or according to the shape and Diamond Segment for single blades, multi-blades, frame saws, core drills, special shape cutters Diamond Cutting Tools. Different types Diamond Segments used for granite, marble, concrete, limestone, sandstone, basalt, ceramica, refractory material, etc. Sandwich Type Granite Diamond Segment Feature: * Guarantee sharp and smooth cutting.

M Shape Granite Diamond Segment for Block Cutting_Granite

Our M shape Granite Diamond Segments are welded on granite diamond saw blades in diameter 900 to diameter 3500mm are defined as block cutting diamond segments, they are used to cut granite blocks to slabs on block cutter or block cutting machines, such as bridge block cutter, gantry block cutter or single-arm block cutter, single blade and multi blades cutter. A 15mm segment makes this blade one of the longest lasting diamond blades on the market. The sandwich segment will prevent uneven wear and blade deflection. This will guarantee an excellent cutting speed for the entire life of the blade. Manufacturer of Stone Cutting Segments – Granite Cutting Segments, Marble Stone Segments, Diamond Segments and Stone Cutting Blades offered by Tanishq Tools & Techniques, Jaipur, Rajasthan.