metal bond cbn diamond grinding wheel on glass shape machine

Diamond Pencil Grinding Wheel For Glass Edging – Forture Tools

Metal bond diamond pencil grinding wheels are with round edge, special for glass edge processing grinding, can be used on shape edging machine, CNC machine. This type of diamond grinding wheels can be customized according to the client’s needs. The diamond grinding wheel is installed on the straight glass edging machine , beveling glass edging machines, double line glass edging machines and CNC machines YSD Diamond Tools accumulated rich experience the manufacturing of the diamond grinding wheel under a very long term process of the production practise. The metal bond diamond grinding wheel is made of diamond powder, and metal or alloy powder as bonding material by mixing, hot pressed or cold pressed sintering. Applications: Widely used for grinding automotive glass, optical glass , monocrystalline silicon, ceramic, magnetic materials, semiconductor materials, tungsten carbide , etc.

Diamond Grinding Wheel for Glass Industry

More SuperHard has been present on the glass processing market for over 20 years and will provide you a line of glass diamond tools for grinding furniture and building glass. More Superhard Products include metal bond diamond cup wheels, resin bond wheels, polishing wheels and diamond drill bits, etc. double edging machine, shape edging machine, profiling milling machines and CNC equipment etc. There are several positions on a machine, so different possition use different grinding wheels. Usually,first position use metal bond with rough grit diamond, then metal bond or resin bond with fine grit diamond grinding wheel. RJ provides both resin bond diamond grinding wheels, vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels and metal bond diamond grinding wheels. Our products are widely used in Carbide, Wood, PCD/PCBN Tools and Diamond, Crank Shaft, Magnetic, meterial, Glass. We can customize according to customers' needs, no matter what type, shape and size. 1.