Mauritius 5 inch sanding disk for metal abrasive wheel

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80 Pack 5 inch Sanding Discs Kit 8 Hole Sander for Drill Polishing Pad Hook and Loop Plate 60 80 120 180 240 400 600 800 Grit Sandpaper Abrasive Tool 4.3 out of 5 stars 301 $14.89 $ 14 . 89 The sanding discs offered on Empire Abrasives run the gamut from your basic, economical fiber disc to your more advanced and multi-purposed flap discs. We are constantly adding products to this section so please continue to check back for the new and exciting sanding disc varieties in the very near future. A full line of abrasive discs for use in stock removal, blending, finishing and polishing applications. The combination of several minerals, resin systems and backings results in a wide variety of products to meet requirements for use on most wood, metal, composite, gel coat, painted substrates or hard‑to‑grind materials.

Flap Discs for Metal Grinding and Polishing | Empire Abrasives

A flap disc is an abrasive attachment made up of multiple layers of “flaps” of overlapping abrasive, sandpaper-like, sections adhered to a central hub in a wheel design. As the disc is used to grind metal or other surfaces, the abrasive material will grind down. Once the material on the outer layer is used up, that sheet will automatically Paper discs are the traditional dry sanding product for random orbital and rotary sanders. Available in adhesive back and hook & loop attachments in a variety of sizes, hole patterns and abrasives types to give you the highest performing and broadest selection for light stock removal to fine finishing on wood, plastic, fiberglass, composite, primer and sealers. Choose from our selection of sanding abrasives, including quick-change sanding discs, adhesive-back sanding discs, and more. In stock and ready to ship.