laser welded arix asphalt road edge diamond cutting disc blade

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Laser welded Diamond ring saw blade with arix segments SUNNY Superhard tools is a professional diamond tools manufacturer with 23 year's experience. After year's of development and researching, we have obtained mature formula for various cutting object. The Arix Ninja Diamond Blade that we produce is literally the best 14鈥?asphalt cutting diamond blade in the world. The stacked diamond segments are proprietary to our manufacturing process and allow the blade to cut 20% faster than typical laser welded asphalt diamond blades. In addition to that, Arix Ninja diamond blades last up to 30% Laser welding is adopted for concrete saw blade, it is to avoid the diamond segment drop during cutting which may cause the harm to the operators. Concrete diamond cutting blade mainly used for hard materials, such as concrete, reinforced concrete, cured and green concrete, wall, asphalt, refractory brick's wet cutting or dry cutting etc.

Laser welded diamond saw blade turbo w segment for cutting

Description. Laser welded diamond saw blade turbo w segment for dry cutting reinforced concrete are the most powerful diamond blades for they have Tough bonding, excellent stability, fast cutting and durable life. and they have an extraordinary performance on dry cutting without segment loss. Laser Welded Blades for Concrete / Asphalt / Brick / Pavers ,factory,manufacturer Snail Lock Edge Polishing Pads Home > Products > Diamond Cutting Blades 14"-24" Laser Welded Diamond Floor Saw Blades for Floor Saws , Road Cutting . 350mm-600mm Abrasive Material diamond blades have been designed specifically to cut abrasive construction materials including: Limestone Aggregate Concrete, Concrete Paviours, Soft Facing Brick, Concrete Blocks over 15Kn, Concrete With Medium Sharp Sandstone, Coarse Sandstone, Breeze Block, Hard Sandstone, Soft Slate