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INOX Ultra-thin Premium INOX Stainless steel & INOX. Find the right thin cutting wheel for your application. The selection range of wheel thickness is 1.9/1.6/1.0mm, and a range of different sizes to accommodate different angles of grinders. Master deer thin cut disks have a reputation for quality and long wheel life, and now these wheels are 14 Inch 350mm Abrasive Cutting Disc 350 14 Cut Wheel Shenzhen VRK Metal Electronic Ltd. Located in Shenzhen, VRK is a manufacturer with more than 10 years experience on abrasive tools, including sandpaper, sanding discs, sanding belts, abrasive cloth roll, abrasive cloth sheet, flap discs, cutting discs, grinding wheels, scouring pad etc. Ultra Thin Cut Off Discs. Klingspor Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Cutting Discs are a high quality disc for cutting metal or stainless steel. Klingspor Abrasives was the first company to develop premium high speed cut off wheels and grinding discs.

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Your cutting jobs done fast and safely, with the correct wheel for every metal type. For Stainless Steel / Inox (Special Purpose) For Carbon Steel (Performance Wheels) For Stainless Steel / Inox (Ultra-Thin) For All Metals (Universal Wheels) For Stone, Concrete, Non-Ferrous Metals For Special Applications You are at For Stainless Steel/ Inox (Ultra-Thin) Section For Stainless Steel / Inox ULTRA THIN CUT-OFF WHEELS For Stainless Steel/ Inox (SPECIAL PURPOSE) General Purpose Excellent cutting ability, clean and burr-free cutting surfaces, with minimal material loss. Applications – Thin Walled Metal Sheets – Beams – Tubes – Profiles – Small Cross-Sections – Composite Materials (Steel Cables) – Non-Ferrous Metals Our Flexovit Ultra-thin Inox Cutting Off Wheels are available in 100 mm, 115 mm and 125 mm diameters. These premium abrasive wheels use high quality, sharp aluminium oxide grain and a superior bond system to produce excellent performance.