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8 Inch Cbn Wheel Precision Engineered Flat Grinding Wheels

The resin bond diamond grinding wheel is divided into two parts, a diamond working layer, and an aluminum base. The working layer is made of diamond powder and a resin binder (resin powder, and other mixed powder) and is solidified under heat and pressure. Then firmly bonded to the aluminum substrate, a diamond grinding tool with a certain shape Norton Abrasives Diamond Wheel Winter Concentration 100 Arbor Hole 31.75 mm 5 — 1.574 — 31.75 mm Diamond Wheel Resin Bond Type 11V2 Cup 280 Grit DIAMOND WHEEL 125 mm — 40 mm — 31.75 mm Wheel Type Type 11V2 Diameter 4.921 Width 1.575 Depth 6 mm Grit 280 Specification D280-N100-K+1414 Maximum RPM 7,374 Abrasive Material Diamond Super As an experienced grinding wheels manufacturer, we can customize the grinding wheels with different wheel diameters, arbor hole sizes, abrasive materials, etc. to meet different customer needs. Due to high quality surface and high accuracy of shape and dimension, our superabrasive tools has been exported to Mexico, Brazil, Canada, France, India

Electroplated Wheels Available at Eagle Superabrasives, Inc.

Since 1995, we have designed, engineered, and manufactured high precision Electroplated Diamond and CBN grinding wheels. With a single layer Electroplated Bond System, abrasive grains are attached to wheel cores with a very strong Nickel Matrix Coating that chemically and physically attaches the Diamond or CBN to the wheel body. Our metal bond grinding wheels are produced by sintering powdered metals with diamond or CBN coating. Thanks to an extremely hard matrix of the metal bond, the grinding wheel maintains its form by reducing the frequency of dressing and maximizing durability. The metal bond grinding wheel always performs well when grinding blades. A new kind diamond grinding wheel with more than 60% Al as bonding agent was prepared in this paper. The wheel performs as well as that of resin-bonded diamond grinding wheel, and it has a long service life as long as that of Cu-based one. The ceramic tiles grinded by the new kind diamond tool have smooth grinding surface and precision