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Polish Plus Felt Polishing Wheels – Buffing Discs

4.5" x 7/8" XL Flat Felt Polishing Disc. This extra-thick felt disc is a great angle grinder buffing disc for final stage polishing. The 5/8" thickness is designed to be long-lasting and increase the surface area of the buffing wheel. Felt Polishing Flap Disc. A felt flap disc is an economical option to a flat grinder polishing wheel. The nylon fiber wheels can polish grooves, flat or curved surface and make their surface smooth.* Suitable for buffing, polishing and grinding metal, glass, jewellery, stainless steel, etc.* Widely used in aerospace, plant maintenance, foundry, automotive, metal fabrication and shipyards. This disc is designed to be used on stainless steel, aluminum, sheet metal, mild steel or brass depending on the polishing paste or buffing compound selected. With the fiberglass backing and 7/8” arbor this disc easily fits on a 4.5” angle grinder for quick, easy work.

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