double round segments diamond tool for concrete polishing

Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Heads – Double Round Segments

Designed for smooth rough patched surfaces, the trapezoid is a very aggressive segment that easily attaches to the seg plate. Grinds down bumps and rough joints, can be used on many types of concrete floor surfaces, For example: patios, warehouses, factory floors and walkways. Trapezoid Diamond Grinding Heads M6 Screw Hole, 3 Holes Available in different bond types: soft, medium, hard The 25 Grit Double Round Cha-Ching Diamond abrasive tool will create an aggressive profile on concrete in preparation for a coating. It is an economical, medium bonded metal abrasive. The 25 Grit single round double tool is ideal for removing tough concrete floor coatings. The round shape leaves less random scratches in the surface. Diteq Double Round Segment Dovetail Trapezoid . The Diteq dovetail segments can be used with the TEQ-Lok Plate from Diteq and they can also be used on other single-head grinders from top brands like Husqvarna, MK Diamond and others. They are designed to be quick-change accessories, but the segments can also be bolted on to older adapter plates.

Diamond Tooling for Polished Concrete – The Concrete Network

That means that on hard concrete, a soft-bonded diamond needs to be used, whereas on soft concrete a hard-bonded diamond needs to be used. Another important term used in diamond tooling is the segment, or the raised part of the tool that holds the metal or resin bond. There are a variety of different tools with varying amounts of segments. Lavina diamond grinding shoes with double round segments is used for Lavina floor grinding machine, double big round segments make it more durable and will not leave deep scratches on the floor. Quick change base design is easy to install and take down from the machine. The G 600 metal bond diamond range is a high production tool available in single or double Hexagonal or single or double Round shapes. Features of the G620: Single or double, hexagonal or round segment with a soft bond for very hard concrete. Hexagonal segments are generally used earlier in the grinding stages for heavier, more aggressive grinding.