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Cnc Marble Granite Carving Tools For Granite CNC Diamond PCD Engraving Bits PCD Carving Tools For Marble Granite Stone US $10.30-$10.90 / Piece 2 Pieces (Min. Order) Cutting Tools Cutting Tool CNC Cutters Cutting Tools Marble Carving Knives Cnc Stone Carving Tools US $5.00 – $40.00 / Piece Marble Carving Tools Diamond Router Bits for Bluestone Cutting. C series diamond tools are suitable for engraving on bluestones, tile, ceramic and marbles. These cutter bits are good for marble, bluestones, soft stone cutting.

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Freeshipping 1Pc Smbb2532 Cut-Off Blade Holder 25Mm For Lathe Cutting Tool For Cnc Milling Cutter Tool Outer Diameter Cutting Tool Holder. CAD $104.61 – 124.66 / Piece; Free shipping Stone lettering, stone relief, stone yang carving, stone edging, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone hollowing. Main Configuration. 5.5KW Water Cooling spindle which is special for marble engraving. Precision high-precision helical rack, stable transmission, low noise, and large transmission torque Carve reliefs and text in stone with a High-Z or T-Rex CNC machine. Stone is hard to work with, but all our machines can cut "soft stones" such as marble, slate, and soapstone with ease. If you need to cut granite, which is considerably harder, please inquire about options. Keep in mind that hard materials generally require slower feed rates.