abrasive disc non woven polishing wheel for metal stainless steel

Non-woven Polishing Wheel_Sanders flap wheel

abrasive Non-woven Polishing Wheel are made from highly soft,high-temperature resistant and aggressive industrial sourcing pads and sand paper。The flap wheels are used to polish stainless steel sink,stainless steel sheet and products,sanitary products, small household applicances,hoods,kitchen utensils,subway For cleaning and polishing surface and rust especially in stainless steel work piece. For stainless steel knife,scissor,identical finished surface. Application to metals of construction, handle, hinge, gate lock and door hinge. Wipe off the burr of golf and cue. Bakelite,wood and plastics. Abrasive flap wheels are made from highly soft, high Used for common use of grinding and polishing metal, non-ferrous metal, iron, cast iron, and sanding weld joint. T27 flat faced discs are better on flat surfaces and will produce a more consistent finish. T29 includes a built-in angle to assist with grinding complex work surfaces, seams and inside corners.

Non Woven Polishing – Oldworker Abrasives

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