5 quick change sanding discs from new Zealand

QRC 500 — Quick Change Discs for Stainless steel, Titanium

Diamond sanding pad. Drill bits and accessory. QRC 500 Quick Change Discs for Stainless steel, Titanium, New Zealand Quick Change Discs with (Type 3) TR Roll-On/Off Discs Attachment Systems lock securely to back-up pads by twisting. They help to provide fast, tool-free disc changes. Models are available for various applications, such as removing surface rust and residue, corrosion, light weld splatter, dirt, mill scale, paint, and epoxy. 5" Quick Change TS A/O Resin Fiber Disc 60 Grit (44 available) NO MINIMUM REQUIRED. Quick Change TS A/O Resin Fiber Disc Diameter: 5" Aluminum Oxide 60 grit Attachment Type: TS Backing: Fiber. Resin Fiber Discs are used for weld blending, grinding, deburring, and finishing applications on various metal substrates.

Discs – Sanding 5

Sanding Discs Abrasives Discs Abrasives Standard Abrasives 12 16Grit 180 Grit 2 2 Inch 3 36Gt 2 Discs 3M 3M 22403 3M Fiber 4 1 2 4 1 2 60 Grit Abrasives Discs Special gold colored coating reduces clogging and extends for life. Superb smoothing before final painting. Reattaches securely for long disc use. Use with 5" Quick-Change Disc Pad (03118) You will receive 5 Packs. Each pack contains 2 discs for a total of 10 Discs. Quick-change discs are available in five attachment types: R, S, P, T-lock top and threaded hub. T-Lock Top (154) T-Lock tops features a T-shaped channel in the backing plate to accommodate a mandrel with a 1/4" shank.