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We offer the best Cut-Off Wheels Type 1 All Metals from the best brands at affordable prices. Cut-Off Wheels Type 1 All Metals JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Use Sutherland Pro Abrasive Cutting and Grinding Wheels for cutting or grinding all types of ferrous metals: stainless steel, iron and other hard metals. Read and understand all manufacturer warnings included within product packaging and instruction manual. Be diligent and use caution whenever using tools and machinery to avoid serious injury. Sectioning Mounting Grinding Polishing Spectroscopy Petrography: Sectioning Machines: Sample preparation starts with "Cutting" and good "Cutting" means a good start. Selecting the right cut-off wheel ensures freedom from burn and distortion and is the best way to save time and consumables.

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Grinding, cleaning and polishing on metals of all types. High thread count fabric flaps and an advanced abrasive particle formulation produce a versatile, long-lasting, fast cutting abrasive. Available in 2” and 3” diameters in various grits. Metal bond wheels are used for grinding and cutting non-metallic materials, such as stone, reinforced plastics and semiconductor materials that cannot be machined by other cutting tools. Single-layer plated wheels are used when the operation requires both fast stock removal and the generation of a complex form. By the time you've acquired the necessary Hot Work Permit, set up the habitat, and carry out the actual work – you would probably rather not have to total up the time spent, and all the costs incurred. AVL Tool and Die offers a better way. All our tools are non sparking, and air powered, and allow you to do the job quickly.