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Ridgid 31750 Replacement Heel Jaw & Pin Assembly for 48 in

Find the right part at the right price for your RIDGID wrenches and other hand tools. Features: Replacement Heel Jaw & Pin Assembly for 48 in. Pipe Wrenches McAuliffe's Industrial is committed to the safety and support of our associates as well as our customers. We are in regular contact with our suppliers as they work on ramping up supplies on current high demand items. Abrasive Accessories and Replacement Parts; Abrasive Brushes; Abrasive Files, Sticks & Stones; Diamond and CBN Bonded Tools and Wheels; Dressing Tools; Deburring & Cleaning Tools; Linear Grinding, Blending and Polishing Abrasive Drum Wheels; Mounted Points; Mounted, Point, Grinding, Wheel, Section; Rex Cut Abrasives Impregnated Cotton Abrasives

Your Complete Guide to Wrenches

A pipe wrench is an adjustable wrench — the top jaw moves up or down — and has toothed jaws for gripping onto pipe. The jaws on a pipe wrench are designed so that the top jaw (aka the hook jaw) rocks a little bit in the frame of the wrench. Whenever you apply forward pressure on the handle, the top and bottom jaws come closer together. One thousand small surgical parts are to be made. Each one measures .375" in diameter by 1.000" long. There are 25 different operations required to machine each part, and each operation uses a different tool. Computer numerical control. A programmable control system for a machine tool, directed by mathematical data, that uses microcomputers to machine parts. A CNC machine is much quicker and more accurate than its manual counterpart and has unique setup considerations.