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The line speed of the grinding wheel is generally 30~60m/s, the CBN grinding wheel can be as high as 150~200m/s, and the highest spindle speed is 15000r/min. The spindle unit is the pivotal component of the grinding machine. There are some drawbacks to CBN wheels, the first being expense. The typical 6″ or 8″ wheel costs between $150 and $250. The other drawback is that they will only grind hardened tool steel: mild steel will ruin them. They really work best on high-speed steel but will do fine on carbon tool steel that is Rockwell C scale 55 or above. I feel Superabrasive diamond grinding wheels for CNC tool grinder. Application of diamond grinding wheel for CNC tools Mainly used for grinding digital controlled cutting tools such as tungsten carbide, high speed steel, stainless drill, mill and rimer. Advantages of cnc grinding wheels 1.Perfect processing quality. Get Price

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Description: Arrangement of X-axis 0 or 30 deg Grinding wheel left or right The roller dressing unit makes the S32 a high-production machine Use of the C-axis makes it a high-performance punch grinder Equipment for high-speed grinding with cutting rates of over 125 m Grinding wheel D54 GMT1, Ø150 Foremed wheel Machine ANCA TX7+(5-axis CNC grinder,18.75kw) Coolant Oil Work piece Carbide Drill 2FL-Ø10(! 68mm) Grinding Parameter Grinding Process Flute Feed rate 190mm/min Cutting speed 26m/s A shop is grinding hardened steel, and periodically switches between a CBN wheel and an aluminum-oxide wheel. Given that the shop is getting pretty much the same material removal rate, surface finish and cycle times with both wheels, the shop is beginning to wonder if it's really worth it to use a CBN wheel.