aluminium oxide sanding abrasive flap wheel for polishing metal

Mixiflor 35Pack Abrasive Flap Wheel Sander, 80 Grit 1/4”Shank

35Pack Abrasive Flap Wheel Sander, 80 Grit 1/4” Shank Mounted Flap Wheels, Aluminum Oxide Sanding Flap Wheel Use for grinding and polishing flat or contoured surfaces,Wheel can remove paint and sand, grind, level, and strip surfaces and makes quick work of it. We offer the Standard Abrasives™ (PDF, 2.94 Mb) Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheel in smaller diameters for attachment to hand-held tools, and larger diameters for off-hand applications. A broad selection of grades is available to deburr edges, remove flash and parting lines, blend machine marks, apply a linear scratch pattern, or provide light 2 Inch Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheel with Straight 1/4 Inch Shank (SOLD IN PACKS OF 5) If you’re grinding, blending, or polishing pipes, tubing, or other compact, irregular surfaces, the 2” x 1” x 1/4” Mounted Flap Wheel with shank by Black Hawk Abrasives is the abrasive you need!

Precision Flap Wheel (1/4" Shank) – Aluminum Oxide – Sparky

Precision Flap Wheel (1/4" Shank) – Aluminum Oxide. Flap Wheels (1/4" shank) – The flaps are arranged like a fan around the shaft of the tool, this provides for consistent cutting action, maximum performance and longer life. *Must order in multiples of 10 per size/grit. Odd number orders will be refunded as we only ship box quantities! 3/8" Diam x 3/8" Face Width, Fine Aluminum Oxide Coated Mounted Flap Wheel 1/8" Shank Mount, 120 Grit, X Weighted Cloth Backing, 40,000 Max RPM. MSC# 05096037 Value Collection 1000 Grit 8" Flap Sanding Grinding Abrasive Wheel Aluminum Oxide for Polishing. $36.00. 4"x5/8" Flap Disc Angle Grinder Sanding Wheel Metal Wood Zirconia Abrasive