Pakistan metal bond grinding wheel

Metal Bond Grinding Wheel –

Metal Bond Grinding Wheel Metal bond offers the best grit retention and a very long service life. Form holding is the best available, but it requires high horsepower machinery and is much slower cutting than resin bonds. The metal bond diamond grinding wheel is made of diamond powder, and metal or alloy powder as bonding material by mixing, hot pressed or cold pressed sintering. Applications: Widely used for grinding automotive glass, optical glass , monocrystalline silicon, ceramic, magnetic materials, semiconductor materials, tungsten carbide , etc. We have produced diamond wheels with various specification in excellent quality and competitive price. The diamond/cbn grinding wheels include resin bond, vitrified bond, Metal bond, Electroplated(plated)diamond grinding wheel.

metal bonded grinding wheels

Metal Bond Grinding Wheels The metal bonded diamond grinding wheel has excellent performance and wide application, which corresponds to the market demand and the improvement of production requirements, so as to improve its bonding strength and forming, increase its service life and expand its service range. It’s made with rubber as a bond, and the rubber wheel is used as the regulating wheels for centerless grinding. Epoxy. Due to its property of epoxy bond, epoxy bond products are suitable for grinding unhardened steels on double spindle disc grinder and provide high metal removal rate without burns. Metal bonds for Diamond grinding wheels were introduced in the early 1940's. CDT manufactures all types of Metal Bond Diamond tools for many industries. While Metal Bond is well known, it's important to select the bond type most appropriate for the intended use.