customized diamond cut off wheel resin grinding wheel tools for carbide

Diamond Cut Off Wheels For Carbide –

Applications of resin bond diamond grinding wheel Resin diamond wheels are used for tungsten carbide tools, automotive glass, PDC, PCD, PCBN, ceramics, sapphire, optical glass, and magnetic materials. Resin bond diamond grinding wheel features small grinding force, less grinding heat, good self-sharpening, high efficiency, and high surface finish. More Superhard resin bond diamond wheels on lathe or mounted separately for sharpening tungsten carbide coating, making your own spade drills, for resharpening tools. The advantages of resin diamond grinding wheel for carbide coating * The resin bonded diamond surface ensures that they are very hard wearing and leave a beautiful and accurate Resin bond diamond grinding wheel is widely used in the grinding of tungsten carbide circular saw blade. The grinding edge is smooth, and it is sharp and has a long service life. Resin bond diamond lapping wheel is used for display screen processing instead of traditional free abrasive lapping.

Diamond Cut Grinding Wheel

Diamond is the hardest abrasive material in the world. Its hardness, wear and thermal resistance made the diamond the most appropriate abrasive to machining such materials as: *Hard matel *Tungsten Carbide *Ceramic materials *Magnetic materials *Silicon materials *Thermal spraying alloy materials *Polycrystalline diamond and CBN blanks Diamond grinding wheel include: Resin bond diamond It is an ideal grinding tool for super heat-resistant stainless steel, cermet, ceramic products, glass products, limonite, high speed steel, alloy tools and many other new superhard materials. <BR> There are many kinds of special resin bonded diamond grinding wheels for rapid cold cutting. Metal bond grinding wheels are typically used in cut-off applications and grinding glass or ceramic materials. Resin Bond Grinding Wheels Norton resin bond grinding wheels are versatile enough to be used wet or dry for most tool making, resharpening and toolroom reconditioning applications.