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Black Fused Alumina, Black Aluminum Oxide, Black Fused

Contact Supplier Contact Details. Black Fused Alumina for Coated Abrasives Min. Order: 10 Ton FOB Price: USD 400.000 – 500.000 / Ton Black aluminium oxide abrasive (Lower Aluminium Oxide Abrasive) is a new abrasive fused from aluminum oxide material for applications such as polishing of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Common applications are grinding and polishing of stainless steel, optical glass, bamboo or other materials. Black Aluminium Oxide(Black Corundum) selects and uses bauxite, iron oxide raw materials and adds to other microelement aborative smelt by tilting arc furnace, ensuring all the piece shape black corundum were high grade product. Few impurity, high grade and stable quality, which prepares the ground for producing grain-size sands and micro

Black fused alumina BA160 – Yue Abrasives

Black fused alumina is a kind of flexible abrasive material, which is made of high iron bauxite fused at high temperature in an electric arc furnace and then cool to produce a gray-black crystal with a-Al2O3 and iron spinel as the main mineral phases. Black Fused Alumina is also known as low aluminum corundum. (Al2O3) content is 70% ~ 80%, containing more silicon oxide and titanium oxide impurities, It is also a new type product of polishing material, and it is a dark gray crystal body made αAl2O3 and ferropicotite as main ore in the electric arc furnace by smelting the bauxite. Black Fused Alumina,also called Black Fused Aluminium Oxide, Black Aluminum Oxide, is a black color artificial corundum for abrasives. Black Fused Alumina Abrasives is mostly used in grinding and polishing stainless steel, metal works, optical glass, bamboo or articles. Black Fused Aluminium Oxide has moderate hardness, less heat during