high precision resin bond diamond grinding and polishing wheel for carbide

High Quality Resin bond Diamond Grinding Wheels

Applications of resin bond diamond grinding wheel. Resin diamond wheels are used for tungsten carbide tools, automotive glass, PDC, PCD, PCBN, ceramics, sapphire, optical glass, and magnetic materials. Resin bond diamond grinding wheel features small grinding force, less grinding heat, good self-sharpening, high efficiency, and high surface finish. Resin bond diamond grinding wheel is mainly used for machining tungsten carbide cutting tools, ceramic ,magnetic materials, silicon ,glass ,quartz and thermal spraying alloy ,etc. Advantages of resin diamond grinding wheel * High cutting efficiency, good self-sharpening, less blocking, reducing the grinding burn occurs when the phenomenon of work Carbide Lathe Tools Grinding Discs Size: Outer diameter 150mm Inner diameter 32mm Diamond width 10mm Outer radius R0.75 Diamond thickness 1.2mm Mesh number: 320# The diamond sharpening wheel with high precision, great flatness, nearly no deflection.

Resin Bond Diamond Cutoff Wheels for Tungsten Carbide

Description: Resin cutoff wheels can self-sharpen and cut sharply.The work quality can be improved due to the elastic resin bond.The spec and dimension of the high precision cutting wheels with steel plate.The models of cutting wheels with steel plate divide into 1A1 type and 1A1R type. Grinding wheels for carbide – Resin bond diamond grinding wheel Feature: 1.Good self sharpness. 2.S h arp cutting. 3.High grinding efficiency. 4.Easy to trim. 5.Great surface finish for processing workpieces. Application: It is widely used in accurately grinding ceramic, glass, cemented carbide, hard alloy steel, etc. For the same grinding allowance, the grinding efficiency of the vitrified diamond grinding wheel is twice as high as resin diamond grinding wheel, and the service life is 2-3 times as long as resin diamond grinding wheel. Resin bond diamond grinding wheels are still widely used for grinding tungsten carbide because of the low cost and simple