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Glass is a very fragile material and is notoriously hard to cut. The Piranha Glass Blade is a popular diamond blade that is designed to cut glass up to 3cm, glass tiles, and glass mosaics. It is made with a very fine uniform diamond grit that helps eliminate chipping on both surfaces of the glass while also making excellent cuts. Different results for a various non-Bosch glass tile diamond saw blade. You can see the difficulty I had in cutting with a glass tile diamond saw blade on the wet saw. The first image is a regular 鈥淭urbo鈥?rim blade. The second is a continuous rim high quality blade. The last image is a blade made specifically for cutting glass tiles. MK-215GL Glass Diamond Blade. The MK 215-GL is an excellent long life diamond blade specifically engineered for cutting glass with low chipping and material loss. Features. For wet cutting glass and glass blocks an a wet tile saw or rail saw; Fast, chip-free cutting on glass; Premium quality, with the highest concentration of diamond

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Most of the cutters at this price point will either be self-oiling or will have multiple cutting blades on a hexagonal wheel. Expensive: Above $20 is where you鈥檒l find professional-grade glass cutters with high-quality materials and construction. Tips. Glass is very unforgiving. Always measure carefully before cutting glass. How to choose the diamond saw blade that 鈥渟uits my tiles best鈥?Every professional tiler has already found himself in the situation of having to cut a new material, perhaps some thick and hard porcelain gres, a delicate glass mosaic or mosaic with mixed materials such as glass and aluminum. I use a more expensive MK glass blade when I don't want the glass to chip as much. is very helpful and has a good selection at good prices. You can try a local stone company. I often go to for low price, quality blades, but they have no knowledge of cutting glass. When I know what I need I go to