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FLEXIBLE DIAMOND DISCS MACHINES USED Norton flexible diamond products combine the durability and aggressiveness of diamond, SIZE RANGE: GRIT RANGE: ABRASIVE TYPES: BACKING COLOR: Grinding ceramic, glass, composites, carbide and ceramic coatings, fiberglass, and reinforced plastics. Removing rust and scale on other materials. Diamond HX Discs, fewer steps are required when compared to traditional floor grinding and polishing abrasives. Q: Can I use 3M鈩?Trizact 鈩?Diamond HX Discs dry? A: 3M 鈩?Trizact 鈩?Diamond HX Discs work when used dry, but it is not recommended due to the possible generation of excessive heat and dust. The abrasive grains in these discs are blended with rubber, which cushions during grinding to produce a smoother surface texture than other discs with similar grits. Discs attach to your grinder with a shank.

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Diamond Cup Wheels, Cup Stones and Hand & Floor Rubs. Diamond Cup Wheels; Cup Stones; Hand & Floor Rubs; Flexible Grinding & Blending. Challenger Wheels; Cotton Fiber Products; Cutting Wheels.045鈥?Cutting Wheels.045鈥?Cutting Wheels Type 1/Type 41.045鈥?Cutting Wheels Type 27/Type 42.090鈥?Cutting & Notching Wheels and .095鈥?Ultimate The combination of the latest diamond technology and the flexible rotary mounted drives provides the best results, guaranteed for the lowest cost per sqm. The FAST-GRIND庐 system consists of a connector and a frame with free-rotating discs. The connector is mounted on the float pan and falls into the frame. Pearl Abrasive Company has been supplying quality, innovative tools to welding, construction, tile and flooring professionals since 1968. Pearl offers full lines of diamonds and abrasives for cutting metal, grinding metal, cutting concrete, and coring concrete, as well as durable concrete saws, tile saws and floor preparation equipment.