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l140 diamond fickert,fullux abrasives manufactures and exports premium quality diamond abrasives for stone polishing and floor restoration. products includes frankfurt abrasive for marble, fickert abrasives for granite, fiberglass mesh, polishing pads and abrasive brushes Abrasives play a critical role in the erosion process of abrasive waterjet (AWJ). Therefore, they can significantly affect the performance and profitability of cutting. In the relevant literature, there is no comprehensive study investigating the effect of abrasive type on the rock cutting performance. The current study aims to fill this gap. Various abrasives (garnet, white fused alumina Utilization of granite waste as abrasive material in marble grinding process investigated. Böhme abrasion test was carried out and grinding performance were compared granite waste and Al 2 O 3. Satisfactory results were obtained with granite waste for enhancement surface quality especially in soft rocks and containing high CaCO 3 and low MgCO 3.

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It is also called as artificial marble, artificial granite and artificial picture agate, because it adopts the grain and texture of imitated artificial marble, artificial granite and artificial picture agate. Besides, it also can be made into semi-apparent artificial stone (also called artificial jade) with the luster similar to jade. Natural quartzites are sedimentary rocks that are composed of fine grains of quartz sand bonded by a cementing material. Quartzite is usually very dense, hard to scratch and abrasive resistant. It often features complex color and veining patterns similar in appearance to marble but is in fact much harder and less absorbent than granite. High quality crystal abrasive polishing chemicals for marble floor Marble,agglomerate Polish Marble-Artificial-stone-Terrazzo-polishing-liquid-compound for stone crystallization It is the best stone care product for marble and artificial crystallization