abrasives tools sharpening whetstone from Netherlands

Sharpening Stick, 3000 Grits Ruby Abrasives

Sharpening Stick, 3000 Grits Ruby Abrasives Polishing Oil Stone Sharpener Sharpening Stone Whetstone Tool (1008): Kitchen & Dining The Work Sharp Benchtop Whetstone is an Angle Guided, Dual-Grit sharpening water stone for knives and fine edge tools. Premium 1000 grit and 6000 grit aluminum oxide sharpening stone creates incredibly keen edges. Use 1000 grit to sharpen and restore an edge, then 6000 to create a highly refined edge and surface finish. Abrasive specialty stones are uniquely designed for specific tools and equipment. From everything to sharpen your lawnmower blade to your garden tools to axe blades to pocket knives and so on, we have a stone to make the job easier. See the full Speciality Sharpening Stones range

Pride Abrasive combination sharpening stone 400/3000

The Pride Abrasive combination sharpening stone, 400/3000 is a double-sided ceramic sharpening stone which you can use to quickly sharpen all your knives. Are you looking for one sharpening stone to maintain your knives? This 400/3000 grit sharpening stone is the answer! The 320-grit flattening stone creates a smooth sharpening surface on 3000-grit and finer waterstones, allowing for faster final honing. The Pride Abrasives 6-Pc. Master Woodworker's Sharpening Package (101-427) includes an ideal mix of sharpening and flattening stones specifically configured with woodworkers in mind. ISHARP ABRASIVES TOOLS SCIENCE INSTITUTE – We are certified manufacturer, supplier & exporter of different type of abrasives, abrasive products, Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine, Sharpening Stone, etc. at competitive prices. from China.