180×3.0x22.23mm abrasive cutting discs cutting wheel for stainless steel

Decisive abrasive cutting disc for stainless steel

Avail offers on potent and conducive abrasive cutting disc for stainless steel for various uses such as cutting, spinning, shaping etc at Alibaba.com. Explore handy and useful abrasive cutting disc for stainless steel now. H&M ABRASIVES-USA's Cut-off Wheels are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standard. They are specially designed for aggressive removal of materials without loading and very fast stock removal on metal and stainless steel. Cut-off wheel for stainless steel / steel from Metabo – High-quality, reliable and long-lasting. Learn about professional power tools from Metabo now. 1-800-638-2264

Stainless Steel Cutting Disc – canpas-abrasives.com

4. Instruction for stainless steel cutting disc User: 4.1 Must read the instruction before use the stainless steel cutting disc. 4.2 Firstly open package and check stainless steel cutting disc, check whether the stainless steel cutting disc has crack line or is broken, if wheel has such circumstance, the stainless steel cutting disc is NOT Sparky Abrasives is pleased to announce the addition of a new line of cut-off wheels to our online store. Ceramic Blue Talon wheels for cutting stainless steel are now available online and are manufactured by Falcon Abrasives of Montclair, California. These discs have the best strength, high cut-rate, bonded abrasive discs used for cutting metals including steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. The cutting disc is designed with double reinforced and sturdy fiberglass backing to be used regularly which also protects metal from shattering and provides higher resilience to the metals.