230mm 9 ceramic material flap wheels for polishing and grinding

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Norton flap wheels are typically used in metal fabrication and welding applications especially when you need a conformable product that can grind and polish intricate shapes and contours. A continuous series of individual flaps work to provide a uniform finish as the flaps wear away to expose fresh abrasive. Depressed Center Grinding/Cutting Wheel/Disc 4-9" Polishing, Grinder, Tools Used for 9" angle grinder, 230mm diameter products are suitable for Europe, South-America, Middle-East and etc. Read More Boreway diamond cup grinding wheels are usually used with large grinding machine and other hand-held grinding machines,these diamond cup grinding wheels are designed for the restoration or maintenance of granite,marble,and many other stone surface, Boreway diamond cup grinding wheels are polishing with quick speed and without scratch.

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Weiler Metalynx 230mm Flap Discs Large Flap discs designed for grinding seams, dressing edges, and for more extensive material removal. Suitable for use in industry on angle grinding machines with a diameter of 9 Inch . ARC Abrasives is one of only two Surface Conditioning manufacturers in the U.S. From our own in-house material, we produce all forms of abrasive products, including belts, quick-change discs, and flap discs. We continuously strive to provide proprietary products and brands like PREDATOR Ceramic Hybrid, and Z-WEB Surface Conditioning. Zirconia Flap Discs are excellent for polishing, sanding, grinding and finishing stainless steel, mild / black steel, all metal, plastic, copper etc. These discs are made from Zirconia which will last much longer than the brown Alumina Oxide flap discs. Available in 40, 60, 80 and 120 grit.