The 4th China Zhengzhou International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition

On September 14th, the fourth session of China (Zhengzhou) International Exhibition (referred to as three abrasives and grinding mill exhibition exhibition supplies) and the second session of the international Chinese bearing technology and services exhibition, the 2017 national automobile service industry and the vulnerability of the joint opening ceremony held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition center. The exhibition organized by the Zhengzhou municipal government, China Machine Co., China Seiko Machinery International Co., the world state machine (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Chinese Machine Tool Industry Association Branch of superhard materials, China CMTBA Abrasives branch and other units jointly sponsored. China (Zhengzhou) International abrasives and abrasives exhibition is characterized by abrasives, abrasives, superhard materials and products, covering the latest technology and products of grinding the whole industry chain, providing grinding solutions, and the only internationally known professional exhibition of grinding technology in the world. The exhibition is held in Zhengzhou for a single year, and this year is the fourth. Since its founding in 2011, its professional features have attracted 1500 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions in the world, and 80 thousand people visit them.

The three mill bearing technology exhibition, exhibition, automotive supplies and spare parts exhibition, three joint exhibition a total exhibition area of 35000 square meters, has attracted from the United States, Germany, Sweden, Japan, France, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan Chinese Chinese, Hongkong and other countries and regions exhibitors exhibitors, the total number of more than 600. The exhibition highlight the characteristics of grinding exhibition, “name, special, excellent, new, special” products focus on appearance, exhibits include high-end grinding materials, products and equipment, bearings, automotive supplies products and intelligent production equipment and manufacturing technology industries in emerging technologies, through the whole industry chain, is China’s industrial intensive development level increase reflects the excellent optimization of industrial space layout. It is reported that this exhibition time is 14 days to 16 days, during the exhibition, for the cultivation of “precision + smart” twin engine, the founder of the new “2017 China Seiko made forum will focus on” 2025 “Chinese manufacturing and precision manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing abrasive abrasive, grinding equipment, and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Topics. “The twenty-first Chinese superhard materials technology development forum” in the autumn of 2017 national abrasives industry information exchange and the sixteenth Chinese corundum silicon carbide fair “and” 2017 Chinese Coated Abrasives International Forum will focus on industry innovation, practical technology and technology foresight.