Abrasives industry breakthrough the bottleneck

Abrasives industry is a basic industry, but in the mechanical processing always occupies very important position. In terms of abrasives, there are three aspects of improvement and breakthrough.

First, abrasive physical structure improvements, such as the increase in the number of grinding grain number per unit time effect artifacts, increasing average length growth, make grinding surface grinding, which changed the grinding unit time in addition to the amount, can effectively enhance the efficiency;

Second, the application of superhard abrasive, mainly refers to with metal powder, metal oxide or CBN superhard materials as fillers, such as resin, made of ceramic or metal bond abrasive applications. At present, the superhard abrasive with high precision, high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.

Third, the emergence of new abrasives such as micron grade polycrystalline ceramics composed of microcrystalline abrasive, containing fine diamond grits of spherical shell abrasive polishing, super fine etc with polyester film. The characteristics of these new abrasives are, in the grinding of the advantages to get incisively and vividly show.

Throughout the development in the field of grinding, grinding in the future will be put forward higher request of abrasives, judging from the current situation, just can meet the needs of these new grinding superhard products. Such as CBN abrasive has good thermal stability, high hardness, good abrasion resistance and other characteristics, therefore, when the abrasive grinding of high speed, high grinding efficiency, grinding tool life is high also, especially suitable for machining high speed steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, cold shock cast iron and other ferrous metal materials. In addition, to meet various needs of ceramic binder grinding wheel, big hole high-speed grinding wheel as well as the different machining surface of abrasive grinding wheel, diamond saw blade, etc will be with the progress of technology and expand the application scope, becomes in the grinding products.